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Latest News:

On March 14th 2018, BANES Development Management Committee approved Curo’s scheme for 89 homes on a steep greenfield site between Hillside View and Greenlands Road in Peasedown St John.

This decision was reached after no meaningful discussion about the problems inherent in the design, which includes heavy re-engineering of the site, an overbearing bank rising 8.7 metres -  just 11 metres away from existing properties – and rows of two-and-a-half and three-storey homes facing the Cam Valley green belt.

Local residents are reviewing their options and are outraged that no meaninful debate or consideration of our valid objections was given by Committee members.

Here is the officer’s report:

Planning Officer’s Report to Committee – recommending approval

Here’s a comprehensive summary of our arguments as of March 2018, as presented to Councillors at the Committee prior to the hearing:

RPP’s summary of objections March 2018 – Updated 12 March

And the latest letter from our Lawyers:

Legal Letter 2

And a summary of our argument on Public Open Space – proving that what’s there is simply not good enough…

Letter to Councillors re: Public Open Space


Residents Protecting Peasedown is a community action group opposing a developer’s plan to build 89 homes on an inappropriate greenfield site off Greenlands Road in Peasedown St John, near Bath. Following an appeal in June 2014, the original developer won outline planning permission to build on the field. Edward Ware Homes Ltd subsequently sold the field to Curo, and this developer is now submitting a Reserved Matters application to agree the details (scale, layout and design) with the Council.

We don’t believe it’s possible to build a sustainable development on this steep field, especially given the restrictions placed on the design by the appeal conditions. So our fight to stop this development continues.

We understand the need for housing across the south west, particularly affordable new homes, but Peasedown has shouldered lots of new houses for the area in recent years, and we’re concerned that this plan will create more problems for our community than it solves.

How will the proposal affect you?

The plan will affect you wherever you live in Peasedown, because the scale of housing development is stretching village services to the limit. More homes mean:

  • More children at our school and nursery
  • More traffic congesting our village roads
  • More problems parking our cars
  • More patients at our busy surgery

You can download a document listing our significant concerns about this proposal here. 

How you can find out more

You can read more about the proposal and it’s history on our site, and download our detailed objections to both the Outline Proposal and the more recent Reserved Matters applications to get a good handle on what’s so wrong about this proposal.

How you can help

Please join us on Facebook and Twitter for ongoing news and continue to support RPP and the Parish Council in our fight against this unsustainable development.

You can also show your support when this case is heard by the Council’s Development Control Committee, scheduled for Wednesday March 14, 2018.

To receive our regular emails, please join our mailing list. We’ll also post updates to the news section here.

Where is Greenlands Field?

Map showing Greenlands Field

Map showing Greenlands Field – click to expand.

Greenlands Field comprises two fields between the heavily populated old miners’ colony of Hillside View – ‘the bricks’ – and the village.

The only access is on Greenlands Road. This joins Bath Road at a junction opposite the bakery and coffee shop, close to the pedestrian crossing at the school gates.

If you walk down the track between Tesco and Michael Gould Estate Agents towards the beautiful Cam Valley, you’ll see the two fields on your left.