Urgent help required – comments on re-consultation/illustrative masterplan


We need your help urgently. Last week we advised that you need do nothing (by default) in terms of submitting comments on the Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. We have now looked more closely at the latest consultation documents from Pegasus Planning which you will have received in the post last week (if you wrote to object originally). We are now appealing for you to respond to this immediatelyand before Wednesday 15 January 2015. If residents ignore this re-consultation, it may send the wrong message.

It is easy to do and won’t take you long. Just follow these instructions.  

1. Read Pegasus’ letter dated 3 January, with the two Illustrative Master Plans.
2. Note the last paragraph in the letter, where it states ‘The scheme is fundamentally unchanged but for the minor re-alignment of some areas, allowed for by the removal of the allotments and business units…’
3. Take a moment to think about this, to look at the plans and decide whether the changes affect your opinion on whether the scheme should go ahead or not.
4. If you are still opposed to the scheme, please follow the steps below to lodge a simple objection to the Planning Inspectorate (not the Council) by 15 January.

If you are still opposed to the scheme, but not quite sure how to word your objection, we suggest something along the lines of:

“I am writing regarding the amended Illustrative Master Plan, sent to me by Pegasus on 3 January prior to the Appeal.  As Pegasus admit in the letter, this scheme is ‘fundamentally unchanged’, but for the removal of the allotments and business units, which I believe reduce the sustainability of this development even further. My original objection to this plan <please reference your original letter - Name and Date> therefore still stands. The development is not sustainable for our village, regardless of changes to the design”

How to submit a representation ONLINE to the Planning Inspectorate: 

1. Write your representation, stating that you are an Interested Party writing in support of the Council
2. You may wish to state that you support the Council’s reason for refusal on the original three grounds, but would like to respond to the consultation on the Illustrated Master Plan, sent to you on 3 January from Pegasus. You may use the wording above (or something like this) to make your point that your original objection during the original consultation still stands.
3. Submit your representation online herehttp://www.pcs.planningportal.gov.uk/pcsportal/ViewCase.asp?caseid=2208178&coid=106624  (see Comment on this case near the foot of the page. Don’t use the LPA gateway)

4. To submit your representation by post, send your letter to Peter Kozak, 3/26 Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. You will need to provide 3 copies, quoting the Inspectorate’s Appeal Reference, APP/F0114/A/13/2208178 - Appeal by Edward Ware Homes Ltd. Site at Land Between Hillside View and Greenlands Road, Peasedown St John.

5. Representations must arrive by 15 January 2014 or they will not be seen and returned to you.

Please note that Pegasus did NOT provide you with online portal in their letter, only an address (which isn’t great!).

If you’ve already sent your comments by post, thank you!

Please accept our apologies if you were going to write about this last week, and didn’t because of our last news post.

Remember you are very welcome to write a full appeal comment, but please consider reading our last news post and the documents below, before you do.

Documents you must read if you are preparing a more general/new comment (broader than the comment on the illustrative masterplan):
The Appeal notice with the Council’s three reasons for refusal
Ware’s Grounds for Appeal (which RPP will respond to point by point)
Guidelines for taking part in Appeals

You can contact Jan Fletcher on 07866 484 996 / jan@mycopyworks.co.uk for advice, or contact Petra Schofield at petraschofield@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Petra Schofield

P.S. It will only take you 10 minutes to log onto this portal, complete your details and make the comment on the Illustrative master plan along the lines of what’s provided above! It will ensure the Inspector knows that despite this change to the design and layout in an attempt to improve landscape impact/visual amenity, your original objection STILL STANDS.

P.P.S Remember that the Inspector WILL receive your original objection letter. Unless you are responding to the consultation as outlined above, or you have something new or relevant to say on the grounds of appeal, you do not need to comment on the Appeal.

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