Public Inquiry on 8 April seals fate of Greenlands


On the 8 April at Farrington Gurney Golf and Country Club, the fate of Greenlands Field and Peasedown will be sealed at Public Inquiry.

If you lodged an objection, you should have received notification of the Inquiry by post or email. If not, here are the details:

Public Inquiry Appeal Ref: 13/00111/RF and Planning Application ref: 12/05477/OUT
Date: 8 April 2014
Time: 10 am (all day, perhaps two)
Venue: Farrington Golf Club & Country Club, Marsh Lane, Farrington Gurney, Bristol, Somerset BS39 6TS.

Representatives from RPP and the Parish Council, and local councilor Nathan Hartley, will speak in support of the Council’s decision to refuse this application.

Anyone is welcome to attend, but please let us know if you wish to speak. This way we can plan our time effectively. Remember that the Inspector will have read your original objection.

If you’re interested in reading the Appellant’s and the Council’s case arguments, these documents are now available to read on the Council’s website. Search on 12/05477/OUT and go to ‘documents’. See Appellant’s Case and Council’s Case.

Our appeal comment is not posted, but has been received. It simply addresses the Appellant’s grounds for appeal, referencing our original objections as appendices. I’ll load it up to the website soon.

If it’s been so long that you’ve forgotten what we’re fighting for – here it is.

We believe, as do over 900 residents, that building 89 homes on this greenfield site represents a tipping point for the village.

The burden it will place on our roads, school and doctors’ surgery is unsustainable and dangerous.

The damage it will do to the rural, distinct setting of the miners’ cottages at Hillside View is irreversible.

It will destroy the stunning view we all enjoy from the village of the Cam Valley, not to mention our adored Greenland wildlife. All of which lifts our hearts on gloomy days.

The developers will profit handsomely. We’ll suffer for years.

It brings no benefit to local people and is ill-thought-out, opportunist and irresponsible.

The fate of the field rests on whether or not the appellant can prove this is a sustainable development. Well, ‘bon chance’ Pegasus and Ware!  Anyone who knows and loves this village can tell them they don’t stand a chance.

Finally, I’d like to thank Tom Clifford and Matt Price for helping the rest of us keep pace with the technical side of this appeal.

We’ll keep you posted. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook .

Best wishes,
Jan Fletcher
On behalf of Residents Protecting Peasedown

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