Greenlands fails to make Committee agenda for 3 July

Dear Supporters,

The Planning Officer for B&NES Council has confirmed that the application for Greenlands Field will not be heard by the Development Control Committee on Wednesday 3 July.

The next possible date that this application can be heard is Wednesday 31 July.

An RPP member has discovered a technical problem with the developer’s application and is addressing it with the relevant agency. This is delaying procedures.

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Best wishes,

Petra Schofield

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One Response to Greenlands fails to make Committee agenda for 3 July

  1. George says:

    I think I know what the technical issue is. If so, it’s pretty significant.

    And I’m guessing the delay will work further in RPP’s favour and add even more to the dossier marked ‘wholesale cynicism and incompetence on the developer’s part.’

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