As of December 2016, we’re fundraising to help pay for the legal advice we sought during Curo’s latest Reserved Matters (RM) application.

Our lawyer wrote a hard-hitting legal letter to the Council, outlining where Curo’s RM application falls outside of what’s normally considered ‘Reserved Matters’. We hope it will encourage the Council to refuse the application (decision is still pending as of December 2016).

We’re encouraging all supporters, particularly those directly affected by the development at Hillside View, Greenlands Road, lower Peasedown and Carlingcott to give between £15 to £50 at this stage (or more if you can afford it). Our target is £2,500 by end of January 2017.

Any donations over and above the legal fee will go towards a pot of money used for printing leaflets. We may also commission more 3D drawings of the site to present to the Development Control Committee.

Thank you for your continued support and generous donations.

How to donate

Online at our dedicated fundraising site:

OR, transfer funds direct with your online banking facility: Account Name: Residents Protecting Peasedown. Sort Code: 089299. Account: 65612925. This is a Co-operative Bank Account.

By cheque – post a cheque made payable to Residents Protecting Peasedown to:

The Treasurer, Residents Protecting Peasedown, 40 Hillside View, Peasedown St John, BA2 8ES.

Thank you!


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