Appeal submitted to challenge Council’s decision on Greenland

Dear Supporters,

Yesterday, we received confirmation from Parish Councillors, Nathan Hartley and Sarah Bevan, that Edward Ware Homes has submitted an Appeal to challenge the Council’s decision on Greenlands Field.

The Council now has six weeks to defend their position (taking us, roughly, to Christmas!). We don’t yet have full details of the process.

As you know, it was recommended to RPP that should Ware appeal, we could assist the Council in their fight by providing them with a professional, independent landscape assessment. We are asking the Parish Council to take responsibility for this commission and will let you know the outcome. This is our best chance of the community influencing the outcome of the Appeal, which otherwise is out of our hands.

As you know, the Council’s Core Strategy has yet to be agreed by the Government Inspectors, which means B&NES’s planning laws are currently out of date. This situation makes it easier for developers to push through unsuitable development at appeals, given the Government’s ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’. We need to provide watertight proof that this development is ‘unsustainable’.

As soon as we have more concrete details (on the appeal process, the Parish Council’s position on providing help, and the state of the Core Strategy), we’ll call a meeting. We’ll also keep you updated via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.

Best wishes,

Petra Schofield

P.S. Please share this information today with your neighbours and community members without internet access.

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