About us

Residents Protecting Peasedown is a voluntary, non-political community action group, formed to oppose a planning application for a large housing estate on Greenlands Field in Peasedown St John, near Bath.

We’re using our combined skills and time to help our wider community fight plans for an unsustainable housing development on an unsuitable site.

Around 1,000 residents signed our petition supporting the campaign, and we have the support of our Ward Councillors and the Parish Council.

Our aims

  • Support residents who oppose the development
  • Gain the support of Peasedown’s Ward Councillors (achieved October 2012)
  • Submit highly effective, relevant objections
  • Support you in making your own objections
  • Ensure Peasedown’s housing boundaries are not extended to include greenfield land where it’s not in the interests of the wider community (see Planning Background). Unfortunately we’re struggling to do this. The Council is bringing Greenlands into the boundary when its new Placemaking Plan is approved (date TBC),  despite pleas from residents and a direct request from the Parish Council.

What we’re doing

Research and evidence gathering

We’re not planning experts, but we’re working hard to understand the planning process, the grounds on which we can object, and the issues that surround this development. We’re also gathering evidence to support our objections.

Distributing information and rallying support

We’re distributing leaflets, running residents meetings, promoting the campaign in the press and keeping supporters up-to-date with regular news (including when and how to object).


We’re illustrating wide-spread concern over the proposal through a petition, signed by residents. While a petition has no power in itself to stop a development, we want to show the Council and the developers the strength of local feeling that exists.

We’re delighted to have the support of Ward Councillors, Nathan Hartley and Sarah Bevan, and we’ll be talking to other interested Councillors and decision-makers.

Sign our petition online, or in person at the Post Office and other venues on Bath Road.


All of this costs money, please donate if you can!

Objecting and speaking at Committee

When applications are made, we’ll submit a professionally-prepared objection letter and speak at the Committee meeting where applications are being considered. All residents opposing this plan are encouraged to write their own objection letters.

4 Responses to About us

  1. George says:


    We’re potential buyers of a property on Hillside View, adjacent to this proposed development site. We couldn’t attend the ‘consultation’ at Beacon Hall on Tuesday night, but would like to know how it went and what the general feeling is about whether this will go ahead or not.

    It doesn’t really affect our plans either way, but obviously we’d prefer it if some bland shoeboxes didn’t appear in this quiet part of the village, disrupt the tranquility that impressed us so much, and put unnecessary strain on the already stretched local resources and infrastructure.

    Did anything become clearer? We’ve seen the proposal document, but as ever, that doesn’t tell us much.

    Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

    • Residents Protecting Peasedown says:

      Dear George,

      At the meeting the planning consultants said they may put in an application ‘around’ February, but they said they hadn’t made a final decision on whether or not to go ahead.

      You can keep up-to-date with the latest developments on the campaign on Twitter @protectingpsj, Facebook and this website (we’ll be updating the content soon). We’re also posting relevant news stories which offer insight into wider planning issues in the district.

      Residents Protecting Peasedown

  2. Phil Baker says:

    Is Jacob Rees Mogg MP aware of this proposal? I wrote to him recently regarding the need to decarbonise by 2030 to reduce the impact of carbon emissions upon the environment. He responded that resources need to be directed to the economic recovery.
    The Draft Core Strategy 2010 for Bathnes hightlights that the Somer Valley is a net outcommuting area, with no rail or motorway link and development needs to bring employment. This site will not boost economic growth other than for a brief time for the company building the houses.
    However the draft core strategy did mention that focus should be on town centres. Well maybe it maybe time to highlight the site next to Tesco in Peasedown. Does anyone know who owns it or a history of it? It could accommodate a few small houses or flats, which for a village of limited services is all Peasedown can comfortably accomodate.

    • RPP says:

      We’re very sorry for this late response to your comment.
      Yes we believe that he is aware as a resident has written to him about the proposals.
      We don’t have any specific information about that site in the village next to Tescos, but agree it’s far more preferable to develop existing ‘wasted’ sites in town centres before building over our green spaces. Thank you for contributing your thoughts.

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